We assist factories, foundries and other clients in the heavy industry to become less dependent on utility power.

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Operations and Maintenance


Operations and Maintenance

ADC has long-term contracts to operate and maintain electricity generating facilities and integrated transmission and distribution facilities in South Africa and Mozambique.

Our Operators are fully trained and well-qualified to operate and maintain power generating and electrical facilities on behalf of our Clients. They are also qualified and licensed to switch high voltage equipment in terms of the applicable regulations. Experienced head office management and engineering staff supports these on-site teams.

ADC provides these services to Developers and Owners of power plant facilities, and is able to structure the services to meet the specific requirements and preferences of our Clients.

Operational responsibilities of ADC include:

  • Full time operations and monitoring of power generating and integrated transmission and distribution facilities;
  • Procurement and management of spares;
  • Performing all maintenance tasks that aren't contractually required to be performed by the original equipment supplier;
  • Managing of breakdowns and interfaces with suppliers;
  • Ensuring legal compliance in accordance with all applicable regulatory requirements;
  • Performing of all business administration associated with the operations;
  • Preparation of technical and financial reports.