ADC Projects 30 Years Anniversary
ADC Projects - 30 June 2022
The Final Challenge is over, and with it, the Tales over 3 decades challenge has come to an end. Congratulations to Team Lubumbashi for winning the event!!

Here is the document from yesterday's challenge, without a password, so you can give it a read. Tales of ADC before focusing on energy.
ADC Projects - 21 June 2022
Hi everyone, please find the document here that was used for yesterday's challenge, without it being password protected. The Story of Touwsrivier CPV Solar Project.
Team Vilamoura
Team Matola
Team Middelburg
Team Lubumbashi
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ADC Projects - 29 June 2022
The Final Challenge. It is here! Thanks to everyone that participated in these challenges over the past month! We hope that you learned some insightful tidbits about ADC, and had some fun doing so. The first team to tell us when Oppistoepie 2005 took place, what time and who is singing on the photo, will win the point. Here is a document that might help you, Tales of ADC before focusing on energy. Good luck guys, it is The Final Challenge.
ADC Projects - 27 June 2022
Thanks for the awesome songs you guys sent us, we only thought it fair to share a song with you. And that leads us into our challenge for today. Firstly, you need to listen to this song. Then you need to tell us what this sound clip has to do with ADC and when you think it was recorded. The team that most accurately describes it will win the point. Teams will have until 10h00 tomorrow to submit their answer. Please send your answer directly to Zander, so that another team doesn't get any hints from your answer. We are only allowing one entry per team, so work together on this one!
ADC Projects - 24 June 2022
Good evening participants. For this weekends challenge, we will have a song parody challenge! You are tasked with creating a parody song using the info from the document The Story of Supernova. The song does not need to be to long, it just needs to capture what is in the document. Teams have until Monday 13h00 to submit their entries on the WhatsApp group. Judges will vote for the funniest and most creative entry. Good luck everyone! If you wish, you can use this song as an example, but there are plenty other.
ADC Projects - 23 June 2022
Hello participants, today's challenge will consist of two parts. For the first part of the challenge, you must build this jigsaw puzzle. The second part then is to add a funny caption to it. Have fun and be creative! The judges will vote for the funniest one, and that team will get the point! We are allowing 1 entry per person, and participants have until tomorrow 12h00 to submit their entries. Please post your entry to the WhatsApp group. You can use any method to add a caption.
ADC Projects - 22 June 2022
An important part of a good mind is health and well-being. Over the past few weeks we have received some insightful snippets relating to maintaining a healthy life with mental clarity. For today's challenge we are testing your knowledge on what you have learned over those weeks, by giving you this quiz to complete. The first team to score the most correct answers will win the point. Teams have until 13h00 tomorrow to submit their answers.
ADC Projects - 21 June 2022
For today's challenge you must unlock a document again. The only hint we can give is "A light two-wheeled carriage pulled by one horse was followed by Alpha who has James' last name!"
ADC Projects - 20 June 2022
Today's challenge will be an easy one. All that you need to do is post a video on the WhatsApp group of you reading the contents of this document. The document is password protected unfortunately. To help you score, here is a hint. The pin is 00XXXX.
ADC Projects - 15 June 2022
Good day participants. We have a problem. We have a video, but no sound for it. For this challenge, you must add some sound or dialog to the video. Be creative and have fun doing this challenge. Please see this video as an example of what we are looking for. Teams can send their audio recordings to Zander, and he will add them to the video for you.

Since it is a holiday tomorrow, and allot of people are taking leave on Friday, we will not post any challenges tomorrow or the day after, so you have until Monday to submit your entry. The team with the funniest and most creative video will win the point. (Download)

ADC Projects - 14 June 2022
A new challenge is up for the day. For this challenge, you must re-arrange the images in the correct order. Here is a clue that might help you get started:

We have five of them, and even though they are all ethical, they always get framed. Find them, and find the key to unlock this puzzle.
ADC Projects - 13 June 2022
Today's challenge is up! For today we are focusing on motivation. Over the years we have been equipped with resourceful, motivational and inspirational content. Let's test your memory and see how well you can remember these insights. Please complete this Motivational Quiz.
ADC Projects - 10 June 2022
Today's challenge is a safety challenge! How well do you know your safety signs! The objective is to match the safety sign in one column with the most accurate description from the second column. The first team to successfully match all 12 signs will win the point. (Image)
ADC Projects - 09 June 2022
For today's challenge, teams must guess the person that wrote the words in the image below. You must try to identify the person by their handwriting. To Help you, here are the names of the people whose writing it is, with a few extra names thrown in there for fun.

Colette, Minette, Cornia, Zelda, Anneke, Janine, Gert, Leroy, Christo, Andries, Henry, Zander, and Kobus.

Download Image.
ADC Projects - 08 June 2022
Hello competitors. For today's challenge, create a 10 second professional slideshow illustrating the culture of ADC. Only 1 slideshow per team will be allowed. The slideshow may not contain any sound, only visual effects such as text, images or videos.

The aim is to create professional, yet creative content for later use. So please use high quality images and innovative methods where possible.
ADC Projects - 07 June 2022
Today's challenge is a secret sound challenge. In the sound below, describe what the video is about. Post a video with your description, feel free to illustrate the sounds in a creative way. The team that describes the event of this video the most accurate will win the point. Teams have until 17h00 to post their entries.
ADC Projects - 06 June 2022
For today's challenge, you must unlock this document. Please post a selfie of yourself with the opened document on the WhatsApp group. The password for the document is here below.

ADC Projects - 03 June 2022
A new day, a new challenge. For this challenge, you must add a caption to the image bellow. The team with the funniest caption will win the point. This is a weekend challenge, and the deadline will be Monday at 12h00. To help you add a caption, we have created a meme template here. You can just enter your text, top and or bottom, and select generate, and it will create the image. You can then select the link or click on the share to WhatsApp and post it in the WhatsApp group.

ADC Projects - 02 June 2022
Today's challenge is a word search challenge. The first team to find all the words wins. Please note, to select a word in the word search puzzle, you must click the first character of the word and then the last character of the word. If the word is in the puzzle, it will turn green. Please post a screenshot to WhatsApp.
ADC Projects - 01 June 2022
For this challenge, you must unlock this document. All clues and the answer is inside this picture. The first team that submits a video, explaining/showing how they got the password, will win the point.
ADC Projects - 31 May 2022
Somewhere in the 30 years, a video was published that can solve this puzzle.
ADC Projects - 30 May 2022
Thanks for all the entries for the previous challenge, winners will be announced soonest. Today's challenge will be a more traditional challenge. You must complete this crossword puzzle and solve the hidden word. The first team that posts a screenshot of a completed crossword puzzle and the hidden word receive the point.
ADC Projects - 27 May 2022
Two in a row for Team Vilamoura! Okay participants, today's challenge will really be an interesting one. Attached is document titled The Story of Project Zebra. Your challenge as a team is to create a summary of the contents of that document, and then present it in the form of a rap song. You will have the whole weekend to work on this as the submission deadline is Monday at 13h00. We would love to see a video, but a voice recording will do. Good luck everyone!

The Story of Project Zebra
ADC Projects - 26 May 2022
The challenge for today will be to guess the words and/or meaning of the songs in this Blessing Ceremony event which took place before construction started at Kuvaninga. There are three songs that the local Mozambicans sing in this video. One at the start, and two at the end. You must take a video whilst explaining the meaning or words of each song. The person who is the closest to the correct words and/or meaning, their Team will get the point. This challenge will involve a lot of guessing and google translating. Please post your video to the Tales Over 3 Decades WhatsApp group. Each team member may upload a video. For this challenge, you are not allowed to ask for the assistance of a person with Mozambican heritage. You have the whole day to submit your answer.
ADC Projects - 26 May 2022
Good job Team Vilamoura for spotting all 19 elephants the fastest! Here is a video showing the locations of all the elephants.
ADC Projects - 25 May 2022
Find the elephant in the room! For today's challenge, you must find the ADC "Challenge Accepted" Elephant. They are hiding inside this video. The first team that finds the most elephants in the video will be the winning team! For this challenge you can post the timestamp of the video were the elephant appears and how many, in case more than one is hiding in the same place. Please send the Whatsapps directly to Zander. Only one entry per team will be allowed. Please collaborate with your team before sending your entry.
ADC Projects - 25 May 2022
Congratulations to Team Matola for winning yesterdays challenge! For anyone interested in how to solve it, the answer is as follow. Firstly, the locked document had to been found. The location of the document was on SharePoint, in the projects site, under the Power Alt project. The second part was to get the password. The password was Elephant. This relates to the green elephant in the "Spot the Difference Challenge" and the article, "How the next ADC logo came to be". As the hint suggested it was featured in both those items.
ADC Projects - 24 May 2022
Thanks to everyone who participated in yesterdays challenge! The winning team for that challenge was Lubumbashi with the fastest score of 04:29.27! by Vicus

The challenge for today will be an "unlock the document" again, but with a twist... After unlocking the document, you must please read the content, film it, and post it on WhatsApp, but you must film your face while reading it, and not the computer screen. The first team to successfully post the video will win the challenge.

A hint might be needed to start this challenge. Yesterday's challenge location might help you locate the document. And the password was featured in both the Spot the Difference challenge and the write up How the next ADC logo came to be.
ADC Projects - 23 May 2022
Congratulations everyone! I hope that this was a fun challenge. All the teams got all but one missing element, except team Lubumbashi who managed to find them all. The missing element was a missing button on Gert's jacket. One point for Lubumbashi!
ADC Projects - 20 May 2022
Well done team Middelburg, that is 2 in a row! For today's challenge it will be Spot the Difference. Each team will need to spot the differences in the attached image. The team that spots the most will win a point!

You do not need to post your findings on the group, you can whatsapp them directly to Zander, so that the other teams can't see what you spotted. You can either highlight, mark, or just write down all the differences.

Download Image
ADC Projects - 19 May 2022
Good day participants! This will be an easy challenge. All you need to do is open the attached document. We are even providing you with the password this time!

Inspect all facilities to decipher! Time is money, be sure to claim it back.
The Document
ADC Projects - 19 May 2022
Well done team Middelburg with solving the puzzle and getting the correct year when the modern ADC logo was drawn, in 2008.

New challenge will be posted at lunchtime!
ADC Projects - 18 May 2022
Today's challenge will be a bit harder than the previous. Firstly, you must decipher the puzzle.

Along with posting a picture of the solved puzzle on WhatsApp, you must also post the year that it was drawn. Figuring out the year will take some detective work and maybe even some guessing...
ADC Projects - 17 May 2022
Two victories in a row for team Lubumbashi. Next challenge will be posted tomorrow at lunchtime.
ADC Projects - 17 May 2022
Congratulations Team Lubumbashi who drew our very first company logo the best. However, they had one mistake. Your next challenge is:

  • Fix the mistake to open the treasure
  • Post a video of any members of your team reading the treasure
  • Share the treasure on the WhatsApp group

The first team to share the video and treasure wins!
The Treasure
ADC Projects - 17 May 2022
Thank you everyone for participating in the first challenge!! The Scoreboard will be updated tomorrow. Stay tuned for a new challenge tomorrow!
ADC Projects - 16 May 2022
Let's see what do you know About ADC...
The Team that can draw our very first company logo the best will receive the point for today.
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