Kuvaninga HPCMS – Chokwe
Combined Cycle Gas Turbine station
Coal Fired Management: Kelvin Power
ADC was approached by the Mozambican Electricity utility, Electricidade de Mocambique (EdM) to act as the Owner’s Engineer, Project manager and site supervision for the construction and commissioning of the...
ADC was approached by an international Company to conduct an evaluation on a 1040 MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine station (CCGT), in the Middle East. As part of this evaluation process, ADC had to compile a comprehensive Due Diligence report...
The Kelvin power station is situated in Johannesburg and was constructed in 1957, making it one of the oldest coal fired power stations in South Africa. The original capacity of this facility was 600MW but with the shutdown of a portion of the plant in 2012...
HFO Fired Due Diligence: Kenya Facility
Development of Power Alt Facility
40MW Natural Gas Project: Kuvaninga Energia
ADC and an international investor teamed up to conduct a due diligence to acquire a stake in a Heavy Fuel Oil facility in Mombasa, Kenya. The facility had been in operation for 11 years and had a remaining net plant capacity of 75 MW.
Development on the Power Alt facility; Middelburg, South Africa, started in 2007, where ADC was able to reach financial close on this 10MW facility within 3 weeks of partnering with an interested lender/investor.
ADC conducted a Technology Due Diligence and selected 10 x GE Jenbacher 24 cylinder engines with a generation capacity of 40MW. ADC developed the project, at risk, over a period of 4 years to reach financial close in 2013. Construction of this gas...
SPV Management: Soitec Solar Facility
Feasibility Study: Crossborder Transmission Project
Project Management: EDM network integration
ADC was approached by the international technology supplier Soitec to perform SPV management tasks for the Special Purpose Vehicle Company which was formed to construct a 40MW Concentrated Photovoltaic Solar facility.
ADC conducted a Feasibility Study on behalf of a private mine to assess the feasibility of a potential High Voltage cross-border transmission line, supplying electricity to the mines in the DRC directly from Zambia.
This project entailed the interconnection of the 40MW Kuvaninga Power Facility to the network consisting of a 7 km double circuit 110kV transmission line from the Kuvaninga facility to the Lionde substation in Chokwe.
Ghana 360MW Natural Gas Scoping Study
Consultation Services to Developer of Wind Farm
Transmission Network Reinforcement and Integration
The Project Developer identified a potential project site near the town of Daboase for the 400MW power facility and staff village to be constructed. Combined Cycle Gas Turbine technology, with Heat Recovery Steam Generators and a single steam turbine...
The Lesotho Highlands Power Project was established in 2009 following the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement between the Government of Lesotho and a South African developer.
An international cement manufacturer is constructing a plant near Kimpese, in the Bas Congo Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The new substation was constructed to provide power to the cement plant and will be supplied...
Kuvaninga Time laps